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As your silos begin to increase in age, the structures may become damaged or simply wear down. Repairing these silos is a cost effective way to bring new life to it, rather than a complete replacement. Allow our experts repair your silos to they are like new again.

Silos that are structurally unsound are unsafe for you, but also may jeopardize the safety of your stored materials. This could led to something devastating if left unchecked. Whatever silo repair or modification you need, we are there to help.

Vertical silo spalling, cracking, and wall separation that may occur due to over stress are the main symptoms to a problematic silo. In order to solve this, we install high strength post-tensioning stands around your silo walls exterior. These will replace all of the original steel reinforcement so your silo may return to its original load capacity while not burning a hole in your wallet.

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