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Wisconsin Silos is awarded WRMCA concrete design award

The Wisconsin Ready-Mix Concrete Association has named Wisconsin Silos winner of its concrete design award for the Northeast Region.

The winning project was the Lavey Farm silo. This silo constructed in 2011, is a 30' diameter by 132' high silo. With the silo roof, the silo stands almost 15 stories high. It is designed to hold over 3,000 tons of corn silage and is unloaded with a center-drop unloader. It joins a twin that was constructed in 2004. Footings for the silo are over 40' across incorporating 134 yards of ready-mix. The silo wall was poured in 4' placements and consists of 266 yards of concrete.

The project took 3 weeks to complete. WRMCA awards are based on uniqueness of design and the use of ready-mix concrete as a major construction component.

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